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DVD Review: Love’s Christmas Journey

By Pentecostal Evangel | December 5, 2012

Inspired by Janette Oke’s award winning Love Comes Softly book series, this heartwarming story from the Hallmark Channel became available on DVD this October. Originally airing in installments in 2011, it is made for an audience which values Christian principles.
The story centers on brokenhearted widow Ellie King who visits her small-town sheriff brother Aaron, a widower, and his two children during the Christmas holidays. While Aaron travels out of town on business, Ellie agrees to watch her niece and nephew and the sheriff asks his deputy to keep an eye on his ranch (and Ellie) while he is gone. In his absence, the town’s seasonal festivities are threatened when a corrupt attorney frames a young man for arson. Ellie steps in to prove his innocence. Adding to this turn of events, Sheriff Aaron goes missing. There are other suspenseful moments, including thievery, gunfights, a near-death experience, and more. Christmas miracles and newfound love are delivered in an old-time western format.

Several well-known actors star, including Ernest Borgnine (at 94 years young), JoBeth Williams, Sean Astin (Patty Duke’s son) and others.

Set aside three hours to view this endearing Christmas production. There is one expletive a robber utters in a moment of rage. Otherwise, this movie is a delightful, family-friendly viewing experience.

—Terry Langford

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