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Healing: It’s for Today

By Pentecostal Evangel | October 20, 2012

Ron McManus’ own battle with cancer gives added weight to this faith-building feature from the Pentecostal Evangel archives. McManus is free of cancer and continues to minister as a national church consultant with the Assemblies of God.

My family was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ through His healing power. In 1949 an Assemblies of God evangelist, Gale Jackson, came to New Orleans with a tent. We were members of a nominal church, but did not know Jesus Christ as Savior. My grandmother had a serious heart condition. She was unable to get out of bed for several months.

My family was skeptical of the tent revival, but they heard that incredible things were happening. Each evening there were crowds of more than 30,000. One evening mygrandmother was taken by ambulance to the crusade.

My parents didn’t go, but in that service my grandmother was healed. She walked from the crusade to her home that night. The Lord gave her 35 more years.

My mom and dad went to the tent crusade and heard the gospel for the first time preached with power and authority. They responded to the claims of Jesus and invited Him into their lives. My dad pastored for 50-plus years in the Assemblies of God, and every family member became involved in Kingdom work.

Prayer became a focal point in our home. When I was sick, my parents prayed and healing came. We must teach our children about God’s healing touch. Once they are healed by the power of Christ, they will never forget that God has a personal investment in them.  More …

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